Justice League

Why We Need “Bad” Films

Justice League is out, "Huzzah!!" but like the majority of its predecessors in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) it's not reviewed very well, "Who'd have thunk it..." but is being bad, actually a bad thing?

The Lord of the Rings

Leave it Alone!

I can't remember who it was, or to what context it was in, but my favorite opinion about reboots is that; why do they only ever remake the good things, why doesn't someone take another shot at the films that were lacking?

Just Another Day in the Corps

“Red alert!  All staff report to their posts.  All staff - …“ came an unfamiliar wounded voice over the base’s intercom system before disappearing into static.  As gunfire barked somewhere close by, echoed by the concrete and metal plating that made up the walls of the underground base, Ben raised his rifle and instinctively started …

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