Dread it, run from it… Blogging arrives nonetheless

Hi everyone!

So it’s been a little while since I uploaded anything up here and as you could probably tell by the last thing I added, my head just hasn’t been in a good space.

Long story short, I’m trying to do a couple of things to turn things around, largely in trying to get my creative juices flowing again to see if that helps out with the dull monotony that is life at the moment. So to that end, here is one of the branches I’ve decided to re-explore!

I’ll be uploading a new blog every Friday at 12.00 GMT which will likely be about anything and everything in terms of theme but don’t be surprised if it’s often based around films, games or motorcycles[1]. I’m also going to try and write a page of fiction each day, then upload the latest chapter that I’ve finished on the first Tuesday of each month. I’d really like to actually finish something so hopefully this will help build up my sense of discipline to get it done.

I’ve also started to add gameplay videos to my YouTube channel:

On Mondays at 21.00 GMT I stream various games. So far I’ve been through Outlast 2, Call of Cthulhu, and Resident Evil 2[2] and have just gone through the dlc that I never completed for Alien Isolation.

I’m also streaming an F1 2019 championship that a few friends an I are competing in for anyone more inclined in that direction.

Whilst this is all stuff that I’m doing on my own, I’m also collaborating with a few friends on a couple of projects.

Lore of the Rings – Journey along the Anduin (core set part 2) The Card Game Cooperative

Firstly I’m going to mention the Card Game Cooperative podcast that I both appear in and edit, where four of us discuss a few cooperative card games that we all enjoy playing:

  • Marvel Champions LCG
  • Arkham Horro LCG
  • Lord of the Rings LGC

Secondly is the Highland Rider Motovlogs channel on YouTube where we make various videos all about motorcycling and I’m hoping that creating stuff for this will spark a sense of joy from my experience of video editing.

And that’s it for the moment… nothing too outrageous right? 😀

So for anyone still reading, thanks for getting this far and hopefully I’ll have plenty more stuff coming out for the enjoyment of your eye holes shortly.[3]. So until next time, TTFN, Ta-Ta-For-Now!

[1] You’re supposed to write about things you know about…so this is the best chance I have of writing anything useful XD

[2] Well Claire’s campaign, I’ll be starting Leon’s in a couple of weeks.

[3] Once I master how the new version of WordPress works.

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