Will a Fourth Matrix work?

Well that got off to a good start… Missed the first week already, but I will not be perturbed!*

So I recently re-watched The Matrix trilogy and it occurred to me that these films were released at the perfect point in time. Whilst their spectacle of kung-fu, bullet time and car chases were the obvious crowd pleasers, the real meat of the film’s was the Matrix itself!

To those who are unaware of what the Matrix is or have simply forgotten (or never got it in the first place), simply put, the Matrix is a big multilayer video game that all humans are playing, blissfully unaware, whilst their bodies are being used to power the machines who have taken over the world. Simple eh?

However some humans escape their captors and live in the real world, occasionally jacking into the Matrix where their entry and exit are defined by old, hard line telephones. Once in, they can bend the physics of the game by essentially using cheat codes which allow them to move faster, punch harder etc.

They can also communicate to those in the real world by using 1999’s awesome slide phones!

Always wanted one of these!

The film’s application of the technology available back in 1999 got me thinking, especially when coupled with Agent Smith’s monologue to Morpheus about the Matrix. This world was created as a historical replica of our “Golden Age”. Meaning that it was just a big coincidence that it was also the year that the film was released.

The big draw for the film and its need for repeated viewings came as audiences tried to unravel the mystery of what the Matrix actually was because, from face value, it was just the usual world that we lived in.

If the Matrix had looked similar to Tron‘s Grid, then there wouldn’t have been nearly as much mystery surrounding what it was, because it would have looked so very different.

Which brings me to the upcoming Matrix 4 movie. Yes it’s got the cast and crew back together so I have high hopes, but in a world where everyone is being location tracked by their phones, surveillance is everywhere and telephones in phone boxes are being switched out to defibrillator units, how is that going to work?

Either they ignore the fact that technology has moved on and it stays as it was as (a period piece if you will) or they let the technology update along with the world and try to work around that headache.

Alternatively, with the way the last film ended, will they even go into the Matrix and simply stay in the real world. It eliminates the problem of an advanced world but surely you’re then bound to lose the spectacle of your fight scenes**

It’s an interesting rabbit hole to dive into. Like, knowing that the resistance has been around for at least a couple of decades, how did they used to communicate before mobile phones? Did it used to be easier to navigate the Matrix whilst there more more hard lines? What year does the program start at?

If the current year is 1999 and these two were born in the real world, did the Matrix start in the 70s? Weird choice of “Golden Age”

But these aren’t the questions that are going to get answered, it’ll be: what happened 20 years after peace broke out between machines and humans, what happened to Neo after he got ingested by the machines and is the lady in the red dress okay?

Whilst I’m looking forward to seeing what the answers are, I can’t help but feel like this won’t bring the magic that the originals had***.

But that’s just my 10 cents on the matter and the end of this, totally not rushed though blog. So until next time!

TTFN Ta-ta-for-now!

*I’m writing this on a bus as we speak!

**Unless that knowledge/muscle memory stays with them?

***You heard me, I like all three of them!

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