Act 4 – Stand, Chapter 24

Antara was sprinting as fast as her servos would allow, trying to keep up with Záakesh as, in his crazed state, he ploughed through the mass of red-skinned Tyranids, their white exoskeletal armour giving them no protection them from his warscythe as it carved its path.  Without any thought of self-preservation, Záakesh had dived into …

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Act 4 – Stand, Chapter 23

“They’re our allies for the foreseeable future,” came Farseer Aramën’s thoughts telepathically through to Exarch Sarinah, the various spirits residing within him becoming conflicting voices over the meaning of the message as a host of Necron Warriors appeared in a flash of green in front of his Dire Avengers.  As an Exarch of the Fallen …

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Come Brother, The Apocalypse

Act 3 – Rise, Chapter 20

“Autarch, the Humans are attempting to contact us.” “Let them speak,” Hama replied, striding into the centre of the Xamath’s command bridge as a short rotund Human appeared on the holo-screen. “This is Governor William Thorpe, requesting an audience with Farseer Aramën.” Adjusting his jaw to speak in the primitive Human language, Hama replied, “Farseer …

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Come Brother, The Apocalypse

Act 3 – Rise, Chapter 16

“A Necron warhost appeared, destroyed the orcs and left?” Eldar Autarch Hama questioned, an air of sarcasm in his voice. “That’s what we saw,” the Ranger replied. “They even burnt the orc camp before leaving to make sure that no spores survived,” he finished as he turned and headed back towards his group, their long …

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Come Brother, The Apocalypse

Act 2 – Rejuvenation, Chapter 15

“Overlord Varek,” Kalistabán continued now speaking in a crude common tongue that the Necrons would understand, bowing slightly as he did so.  “You’ll see I have fulfilled my end of the bargain, the relic is yours to take.” “V’all?”  Varek responded almost ignoring Kalistabán, his metallic voice grating against the Eldar’s ears. As Kalistabán turned …

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