Fictional Writing

This is the space where my head thoughts become page thoughts, that then get released into the world so you can read them.

In Space, No One Can Hear You Scheme

You know what, I’m getting really tired of this, I thought to myself as I pulled out another blanket from the co-pilot’s storage locker.

First Class

A young man with unreachable dreams may be closer than he thinks.

Just Another Day in the Corps

“Red alert!  All staff report to their posts.  All staff – …“ came an unfamiliar wounded voice over the base’s intercom system before disappearing into static.  As gunfire barked somewhere close by, echoed by the concrete and metal plating that made up the walls of the underground base, Ben raised his rifle and instinctively started …

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The Dark Maddening Space

Today we send our intergalactic ship, The Dawn Treader, on its long voyage into the stars – to discover new hospitable worlds and possibly intelligent life.  Its crew will look upon this vessel as their home and the world to which they live.  They will care for it as it will care for them and …

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