The Matrix

Is the Rise in Technology Ruining Films?

I realised- during a recent revisit to the franchise - that The Matrix turns twenty years old next year.  Whilst not too long of a time in the grand scheme of things, it was during this period that modern CGI was in its infancy.  This means that - looking back at a lot of the use of this early CGI - it's a little... lackluster.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Sending a great show off with a 21-Fingergun Salute

Today is a sad day.  Today is the day in which Fox cancelled (yet again) a great television series which - whilst being late to the party - I have come to adore.  But alas, we must not be sad.  For though Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been removed from Fox's schedule there may yet be hope in some other studio picking it up to continue the ongoing tales of the last police department that you would want working on your case (as either the criminal or the victim to be honest).

Black Panther

Is being represented on screen all it’s cracked up to be?

Black Panther arrived, dominated the box office and got the t-shirt.  People everywhere were super happy and the majority of news coverage showed people exceptionally happy that they were finally being represented on screen.  But what if it's not all it's cracked up to be. Before I get started, I know that I'm not in …

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Darkest Hour

A film a day keeps the bad grades away?

I like to think that a good film is one that sits with you once you've left the theatre.  Either because your brain is struggling to comprehend what the Matrix is; you're blown away at how an animated character could make you feel emotions; or because you've learnt something new, something that changes the way you now think about the world.  Whether this is about a country, a culture, or simply the most well known Prime Minster to lead England.