Justice – A Megarél Tale, Chapter 4

She knew it wasn’t going well when Krysten saw Talégon rounding up the stairs after her with a blistering pace.

“James and Astël are dead, the exit’s full of citadel guard and I can’t find another way out except…” Talégon questioned

“Except what!?!” Krysten replied

“Unless you fancy trying to jump to the next rooftop?”

“Is the gap too big?

“I can make it, maybe you too?  But the other’s probably won’t.”

“Okay… well we can’t leave them – well maybe we could?  Kayla’s found an abandoned home on the fourth floor, maybe they can hide in it as we lure them away?”

“It’s possible but the clerics will probably find them and they’re unlikely to slip past the dozen bluecoats downstairs.”

“Damn!  How long have we got?”

“We injured two of them fairly badly but they’ve got plenty of spells left in them, by the way these work a charm” Talégon held out the amulet that Krysten had handed out to them all earlier as a gift from The Free One.  “My guess and advice would be to make a decision quickly.”


As Bran entered Greystone Tower with the other Citadel Guard he had been assigned to, he passed a group taking a pair of bodies out of the tower.  Arriving into the hall he looked up through the hollow oblong building that on most days, he called home.

“I want three men on each floor, follow the clerics up through the tower but let them lead and for Marqués’ sake don’t get in their way!” came the barking orders from Sergeant Tilla – A veteran of the guard and an established warrior before and during the war.  “No one enters or leaves this building… Do you hear me!?!”

“YES SIR!” Bran and the other guards replied as they separated.  They’d been divided into groups before arriving and Bran was to follow the clerics to the fourth floor with Jacob and Mills.  Lining up at the bottom of the stairs the intimidating figures of two battle clerics moved past him and joined a third of their order halfway up the stairs.  Whilst most regiments had few female members, The Watch was an exception to the norm. Being an almost 50/50 split between sexes it’s not like they were at a disadvantage when fighting – and this one was no exception.

Without her Marqué embossed plate armour and huge bloodstained hammer she might have been an interesting and fairly attractive person to get to know in a tavern, but as she was, Bran found the thought of running the other direction far more appealing – and she was supposed to be on his side.

Moving up the stairs with caution, Bran and the other Guards followed Tilla up to the second floor, noting a good gap between the children of Marqué and the Citadel Guard.  After passing through the second and third floors without incident and leaving guards to watch, the now smaller group moved up to the fourth floor.

As the clerics past the top of the stairs a bolt of lightning struck into view and was just as quickly redirected harmlessly to the floor by the leading cleric with a motion of his hand.  As the others past him and charged onto the floor, the leading cleric took a moment to regain some composure from the powerful spell he had just preformed before too, leaving Bran’s sight.

Staying put halfway up the stairs, the half dozen Citadel Guard waited for the explosion of spells, crashing of hammers and duelling of swords to die down.  As the battle seemed to be ending the sounds of battle appeared to be working their way up to the next floor.  Taking an executive decision that they could move up, Tilla worked his way up to the fourth floor.

It was a mess – doors blown off hinges, walls with holes both blasted and knocked in them.  The only things left were the female cleric who was tending to a collection of burn marks and sword wounds and a man in black robes with a pair of swords at his side and a horribly misshapen head, explaining the fresh bloodstains on the cleric’s hammer.

“Check the rooms for civilians and get and wounded somewhere appropriate!” Tilla barked as he moved over to the cleric with the remaining pair of Guard by his side.  As Tilla spoke to the cleric and Jacob and Mills started to check rooms and speak to the civilians, Bran went over to his home to find the door completely gone.  As he stepped through some debris he looked at the familiar setting that he had left this morning.

Checking to be sure that no more damage had occurred, Bran walked past the hallway and into the small living space he had.  Noting everything was in its place Bran turned to leave when he saw the bedroom door wide open instead of locked with his personal and occasionally illegal items inside.

With his bow on his back and his sword raised he darted into the room he knew to be rather cramped and awaited an attack – what he found was a young blonde woman and a little black haired girl in the corner with fear in their eyes.  With a look of confusion Bran went to question the pair as an explosion from the level above cut him off.

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