Justice – A Megarél Tale, Chapter 5

Struggling to get to grips with the darting curved blade that the half elven red head wielded like a hardened veteran, Salvo found himself almost relieved when a blinding flash of white light filled the room.

Hoping the half elf was also under similar visual difficulties, Salvo took a few steps back and lowered his guard to heal the temporary damage to his synapses. Thinking back to his teachings of the inner workings of the human body, he used more of his inner powers to will his eyes and ears back into working condition.

Blinking his eyes to get them to focus he picked out the red head through the smoke, leaning against the wall with one hand covering her eyes and the other still gripping the exquisitely crafted sword. Taking his time to walk towards her he scanned for Brother Leonidas and the magician that had been causing so much trouble. Whilst the conjurer appeared to have completely vanished, Leonidas was crumpled up against the far wall, to Salvo’s well trained eyes it looked as though a spell had backfired, disintegrating the conjurer and broken Leonidas’ body against the wall it had been flung against – but there would be time to analyse later.

Casually moving to disarm the half elf, Salvo started to recite the crimes that she was guilty of, as he had to many dozens, nay hundreds of people before her. “Citizen of Megarél and daughter of – “

Cut off by the darting of a sword piercing his skin, he looked down at the woman who had placed her blade underneath his armour – what he instead focused on was the glowing amulet around her neck. Moving to tear it from her neck, with the reflexes of a cat she withdrew her sword, stepped out of reach and turned her emerald green eyes to Salvo. So much hate and anger was held within, Salvo could see that much clearly, what wasn’t so obvious was the sadness held within. Turing to the shadow that was left of the magician she seemed to pause for a moment and sigh before muttering, “I will never forget what you have done today cleric…and I will never forgive you for it.” With this she jogged towards the stairs that lead to the roof and broke into a sprint as the Citadel Guard appeared on the opposite stairs.

Knowing he had little energy left to catch the blurring vision of red hair disappearing up the stairs, Salvo instead turned to Leonidas, “She’s gone up to the roof, catch her if you can, I’ll take care of him,” he directed towards the Guard.

As the Guard chased after the final member of the troublesome group, Salvo knelt down next to Leonidas and placed his hand on his heart.  Too far gone… I’m sorry Brother, we will meet again in the next life.

“Leonidas, is he?” Gabriel queried as she limped her tired form next to Salvo.
“Too much damage for me to heal, and you haven’t got the energy either, he’s gone.” Salvo replied with grief in his voice. Losing a Brother didn’t just bring personal sorrow but a sense of tragedy to The Watch. Having all been raised from the various orphanages of Megarél, it was a lifelong undertaking to become a battle cleric, and one of Leonidas’ position took even longer.

“You should see to that before I have to.” Gabriel pointed out to break the silence between them as she noticed the blood running down Salvo’s leg. “Did I hear one got away?”

“Yes, a half elf who fought like a decorated war hero.” Salvo replied as he used the remaining energy left in him to will his damaged tissue to sew itself back together. “I saw her on the ground floor, it’s likely she was the ring leader. Did any civilians get caught on the floor below us?”

“No, just a woman and child that had there home blasted apart, they were a bit shaky so one of the guards have taken them down for some fresh air. What do you think they were doing here? This was no ordinary bunch of criminals, they must have been up to something big?”

“Agreed, it’s likely they were meeting to discuss something important.”
“Yes but you’d have thought that with the expertise and equipment they were carrying they’d have picked somewhere with an escape route? Maybe they’d come to collect something at the invitation of a third party?”

“That’s possible but what would require five people to collect…” Silence washed over the room as Salvo turned his thoughts to what he had seen and heard during the past hour. The amulets wouldn’t require a group this big, and they were proficient enough with their weapons to have practiced with them prior to this. Maybe it’s something we haven’t seen, hidden in a room. But why leave and run when she was so close and very able to fight her way out? Unless there is another on a lower floor waiting to leave now we’re all up near the roof? “Gabriel, what was it you said about a mother and child?”

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