Sorry for the Wait

As the title suggests, we must apologise for the lack of… well anything really.

Life is full and busy at the moment (both physically and mentally) and I have made the mistake of pushing my writing to one side when it’s one of the few things I really enjoy doing, plus its free so I don’t even need to spend all my time working to be able to do it.

So, fear not! Everything is now back on track, chaos has been turned into order and (touch wood) I shall be posting new stuff soon, and continuing to do so afterwards meaning that Sorry We’re Closed will be no longer be Sorry For Any Inconvenience, but open for business once more! (that probably makes some sense on another world)…

As you can already see, we’re expanding to Film Reviews! (another of my New Year’s revolutions) as well as the creation of Project Valkyrie! Where new stuff can be trialed before making its own mark on Sorry We’re Closed.

And remember, please feel free to get in touch if you want to share anything with us, upload anything to Project Valkyrie or just fancy a chat!

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