Act 1 – Fall, Chapter 2

Ducking under the wild swing of the Warboss’ power claw, Varek continued the momentum of his warscythe, swinging the spear-like around him and slashing a gaping hole in his advisories armour as he turned and stepped back out of reach.

Roaring with anger the Warboss doubled his efforts to keep Varek within striking distance of his claws.  As the better fighter, Varek was dancing around the Warboss as if to play with him, even in this slow body the Warboss was struggling to deal with his swinging and looping warscythe.  Landing another hit on the monsters leg, he felt his blade get caught in the servos of the Warboss’ joint.  Having to step back to avoid a fatal swing of his fist Varek found himself unarmed – momentarily at least.  Holding his hand out he felt the comfortable grip of one of his Lychguard’s hyperphase swords being thrust into his hand – a much shorter blade, Varek would have to get within reach of the Warboss to strike him.

Waiting for his opportune moment as the Warboss brought his claws back in preparation to swing them again, Varek stepped towards the Warboss and sliced apart the mechanism in his exposed shoulder joint.  Seeing his left arm go limp, Varek sidestepped round the creature spinning and slicing apart more of the machine’s vital mechanisms on his back before the Warboss rounded on him and crashed his remaining arm into Varek’s back, sending him flying 20 feet into the surrounding battle.

Recovering from the impact, Varek could feel the tiny nanoscarabs built into his body reconstructing his entire left side which had been shattered.  I wasn’t fast enough Varek thought to himself, How did I let that creature even touch me, how dare he think he best me!  Then it hit him, the hunger – it wasn’t a niggle like before but a surge of life taking over him, his vision turned red as anger and hatred took over his body.  Even the nanoscarabs were working faster to avoid any anger from their master.  Standing up and turning towards the Warboss, Varek’s skill and finesse as a warrior had departed him as charged headlong into the Warboss, holding the hyperphase sword in his unbroken right hand.

Launching himself at the Warboss he threw all his might into his swing, like he was a hammer and the ork was the anvil.

Striking over and over again the Warboss was struggling to keep his footing as Varek’s strike were tearing small but numerous chunks into the arms of his armour.

Just as Varek had nanoscarabs to rebuild his body, the Warboss had smaller, runt orks repairing his crude power armour.  Varek’s brief time recovering had allowed them to repair the Warboss’ broken servos in the arm he had disabled and now they were trying to fix the huge cannons mounted under his powerclaws whist avoiding the hammering strikes that Varek was launching at them.

The Warboss finally took a step back and Varek pushed even harder, memories of his millennia spent imprisoned were flooding back.  The anger and desire for revenge were being translated into a hatred for the ork in front of him.

Pivoting on his left leg the Warboss tried to swing out of the way of Varek’s assault.  With such a large target to aim at Varek wielded his hyperphase sword above his head with both hands and brought it down upon the Warboss’ left arms which hadn’t been fast enough to get out of the way.

With a mighty crash of energy the ork’s arm came clean off, to the expense of the hyperphase sword shattering under the strain it had been put through.  Turning to the Warboss, Varek widened his stance and prepared for the Warboss’ other claw to inevitably come crashing down on him.  Correct as usual, Varek’s raised hands caught the claw during its powerful downward swing, his body locking to accept the strain of the mighty swing – but it did not give an inch.

The Warboss’ face was full of surprise as he struck upon Varek’s body as though it were an adamantium block.  The servo’s of his body were working to full capacity and exhaust fumes were pouring out of the machine as the ork willed his body to be stronger and crush his foe but it was the floor under Varek’s feet that was shifting, not the Necron Lord himself.

Now that the momentum from the swing had gone Varek unlocked his body, moved to one side and twisted the power claw away from the Warboss, tearing the metal and ripping the arm off in one smooth movement.  As the ork stumbled forwards, crying out in anger and pain, Varek stepped towards him and ripped the warscythe out of the leg mechanisms, bringing the monster down onto his knees.

“YOU HAVE NO PLACE IN THIS UNIVERSE OR THE NEXT YOU FOUL CREATURE!” Varek’s grating metallic voice cried as he drove the warscythe through the back of the Warboss, cleaving through his armour as though it were made of water.

Hearing the ork roar in pain Varek twisted the warscythe counter-clockwise, tearing the internal workings of the ork apart and silencing the ork’s final roar – upon removing the blade the once great Warboss’ body crashed to the ground.

Hearing their leader fall, the other orks started to turn and panic, their moral had broken and their warband was at an end, but Varek’s anger wasn’t.  With his warscythe in his grasp once more, Varek embarked upon culling every single one of the monstrosities that had even dared to exist in his lifetime.

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