Act 1 – Fall, Chapter 4

After turning against their previous Overlord and separating themselves from the other dynasties, the Udin Dynasty now lived solely on a great battle barge, the Am’otep, drifting through space and avoiding those who would wish to see them buried in a grave for their betrayal to their own race.

When the Silent King had called the Necrontyr to war against the Old Ones, Varek had been a Lord under the rule of Overlord Kramiah.  When Varek approached him with the advice that this war was unwinnable he had been ignored and told that with such pessimistic thoughts, of course they wouldn’t win the war.

Having a host of Deathmarks under his command, he sent them out to spy on the Silent King whom, after months and years of patience, had raised the suspicion that this war had only been called to unite the dividing Dynasties.

Angry at the Silent King for sending his own people into an unwinnable war rather than dealing with their race’s problems, Varek returned to Overlord Kramiah with his findings.

Ignored once again and threatened with execution if he should send any more agents to spy on his king, Varek had many of his titles and powers stripped from him.  Enraged by his Overlord’s naivety, Varek had gathered friends and allies in his Dynasty and together, they started trying to turn this pointless war to their favour.

Realising he would need power again, Varek called secret allegiances with the allies of the Old Ones, the Eldar.  In a trade for tactical information, the Eldar would stage defeats at the hand of Varek so that he might rise in power and end this war.

Inevitably Varek was quickly restored to his former position and was given greater powers for the mass victories that he was accumulating against the Eldar.  Before long he had placed agents in many of the other Dynasties and had become friends with likeminded Lords and generals so that together they could end this war – then the great Star Gods had appeared.

Offering eternal life and a powerful ally to help destroy the Old Ones who were winning the war, the Silent King had accepted their aid – it wasn’t long before the Necrontyr were being transferred into the metal husks that were to become the Necrons.

Seeing treachery and violation in this allegiance, Varek moved his plans forward.  On his way to activate his scheme he was stopped by Kramiah’s Lychguard – he had been invited to an audience with his Overlord.

Arriving in Kramiah’s chambers, Varek’s heart stopped as he saw one of the Lords he had been dealing with standing at his Overlord’s side; knowing the game was up Varek drew his sword and tried to fight his way through the elite Lychguard to no prevail – despite his prowess as a warrior.

As a punishment to his treason, Kramiah had chosen to not execute Varek, but to watch his scheme come crashing down before him as his friends and family were transferred into the lifeless husks one by one, screaming for mercy in front of him.

Finally, when Kramiah had finished destroying his world, he turned the machine unto Varek, but instead of the painless method usually used, or the painful one he had just witnesses, Kramiah had had his Crypteks alter the machine to transfer Varek piece by piece, inch by inch over a matter of days…of weeks even.

Feeling his body leaving him bit by bit, the only thing that kept him going was the blinding anger and determination that Varek was going to make this right, put things straight, if it was the last thing he did.

After the weeks of agony, Varek found himself in his new form, with his soul and spirit still with him but his body a lifeless husk chained up opposite him.

Locked up whilst the war ended, the Old Ones were eventually defeated and the C’tan themselves betrayed by the new, powerful Necrons.  Kramiah eventually returned to Varek with the news that the Necrons were going to hibernate for millennia as ordered by the Silent King, to wake up one day when the galaxy needed cleansing once more – but Varek would not be sleeping.

Transferred to an impenetrable cell, built miles underground as a hollow sphere, a mile in diameter Varek found himself strapped upright to the bottommost point; never to see daylight, never to rest, never to be free again.

Whilst the Necron race slumbered for millennia, Varek endured every moment of it, and each moment was filled with more hate and rage than the last, determined to destroy his Overlord.

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