As we’re only 100 views away from 1,000 (I know that isn’t a lot but to me it is), I though I’d update y’all on how wonderful and enjoying it is to write and slap it somewhere people can read it (and hopefully like it to)

So, we’ve got an established film review section now, we’ve just reached the end of Act 1 on Come Brother, The Apocalypse, I’m getting well back into writing stories set in Chandra, (keep an eye out for a new one coming soon), and my brother has even offered something up which will soon grace your eye holes!

So to sum up this momentous occasion I just want to thank everyone who has taken the slightest interest in the writing on this website (personally I don’t want to write for my own pleasure, having someone else read it means a lot to me) and continue to enjoy our scribbles.

Also, if you want to slap anything up here please do get in touch!  We’ll be more than happy to accommodate you.


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