Big Game

This week’s choice of movie provided me with three very different options: Spooks: The Greater Good (a spy movie based on a TV series I never got round to watching, Age of Adaline (A drama I knew little about), or Big Game (a potential stroke of genius according to one very persuasive friend)… and successfully persuasive he was.

After discovering a system that would allow me to get into the cinema for a little over £3.15 (£3.15!!!!!!!!!!) we took our seats and and watched the Finnish action/comedy flick that pairs President Samuel. L. Jackson with a boy-turning-into-man on his first hunt against a group of terrorists who shoot down Air Force One to go on a hunt of their own.

During the hour and a half long showdown I was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of characterisation from a film that, at a distance, could have resembled Snakes on a Plane, a phenomenal score by Juri and Miska Seppä (I mean some blockbuster movies have less impressive scores) and a good amount of the action comedy that the synopsis suggested.

After the film, I came out having thoroughly enjoyed what I thought was going to be a load of garbage whilst my companion came out with slightly more reserved feelings.  After seeing the director’s (Jamlari Helander) previous film, Rare Exports, (which shared a lot of the Finnish cast), he was expecting a much greater and cleverer film – something I have since come to agree with.

In no way is Big Game bad but there was a lot of potential to be had, potential that Helander has proven he has.

One point that I did disagree with my friend on was Onni Tommila’s acting (who plays Oskari, the child charged with the protection of President Jackson).  Whilst my friend was disappointed by his acting skills, something that seemed far more appropriate in Rare Exports, he felt that in this film it wasn’t enough.  In my opinion (which is obviously what counts on my review…) yes he’s not going to win an Oscar for best actor, it’s a damn lot better than most other kids his age or older, I mean there’s a very low bar out there and he definitely vaulted over it.

Conclusion: simple but effective plot, a few fun twists and turns, well written, an outstanding score and a lot of fun on the way.  It’s not going to win any awards (critically I’d give it 3 put of 5) but as a Friday/Saturday night action flick that you just want to lazily pay attention to, I would highly recommend it and give it 5 out of 5.

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