Man Up

Man Up (aka, ye god! how are they still coherent after that much alcohol) was my choice of film this week and despite irregular showtimes trying to stop me…I persevered and was victorious!

From director Ben Palmer, whose show-reel holds The Inbetweeners at its top, this rom-com of sorts (it’s complicated)  is very different to the immature and graphic sit-com/turned movie but still holds a very real outlook on the world, specifically on what sort of people would (through various reasons) still be single in their late 30s/40s and how they would respond to that.

This classic tale of boy meets girl, girl pretends to be girl boy was hoping to meet, boy finds out, boy falls out with girl, girl falls out with boy etc… I told you it was complicated… on the cover holds a lot of comedy and good laughs (as well as some cringe moments (well he did co-create The Inbetweeners)) but underneath holds a lot of character, heart and a pair of engaging characters that you enjoy being able to witness the events of their less-than-standard blind date.

In terms of criticism there was a moment in the middle where the pacing seems to come to an abrupt (too abrupt) halt and what you imagine must be two very drunk people by now, actually seem very sober (I must be doing it wrong?)  But other than that and the odd joke that fell a little flat for me it was a very pleasant, heart warming and a well made film with a couple of characters from Game of Thrones to boot!

With an on form performance from Simon Pegg and an excellent awkward protagonist (i.e. me in 13 years) played by lesser known Lake Bell I would certainly recommend this as a must watch and give it four out of five (the change of pace killed it for me a little, although maybe a second watch would change my mind?)

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