Are Midnight Releases Worth it?

You got up at 6.00 this morning, went to work for 8 hours, got home, stuffed your face with food and chilled out as normal.  Then an hour after bedtime you drag yourself out to go watch Avengers: Infinity Wars or whatever the latest midnight release is.

Whether or not you managed to make it through the whole film (and post-credit sting) without falling asleep, your body will inevitably have a good falling out with you the next day.  As I’m writing this: my eyes are closing; my head is drooping towards the keyboard; and the kettle is boiling for my sixth cup of tea already.

But it’s totally worth it right?

Sure, the kudos you receive from your peers the first time is exhilarating, but when this is your sixth offence people just start to look at you funny.  But what might seem as folly to them is an obvious set of benefits for an insider.

First of all  – and most obviously-  now having been to see Avengers: Infinity Wars, I no longer have to worry about stumbling into spoilers.  As someone who only saw the first trailer once and avoided everything else; the only thing I’m going to say anything about the film is that, it’s good… Go see it.

Aside from showing off and not worrying about spoilers, the real benefit is that you get to go and see a film with all of its biggest fans.

The one thing that really urks me about watching a Marvel movie are the people who leave the cinema before the post-credit sting… how, after 10 years, have we not all learnt that this is a traditional occurrence… you weird people!!!  But going with the hardcore fans meant that the only people leaving as the credits rolled were those rushing to the bathroom (hopefully making it back in time).

Aside from being able to simply tolerate your fellow cinema goers, you can also talk to them – pause for gasp.  As you’re all super fans of the franchise, you can hold a conversation with anyone else there (obviously before the film, not during).  You’re also likely to come across individuals who have come on their own because their friends aren’t as committed as you are.  If you’re sat next to one of them, just say hi.  It breaks that weird tension that we’re all familiar with and, who knows, you might even make a new friend.

Finally, the last reason I have for going to a midnight release is – very selfishly – a lack of adverts.  At precisely 00.01 the film starts.  No adverts, trailers or annoying meerkats (I joke, they’ve saved me hundreds over the years).  It’s almost jarring how quickly it begins.  So much so that it regularly catches people out who think they can queue up for popcorn at 23.50.

So was it worth it – I ask myself as I trudge over to the kettle with my mug as it clicks, grinning from ear to ear – absolutely!

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