Why don’t directors collaborate?

If Avenger: Infinity Wars has proven anything this year, it’s that two directors can certainly be better than one.

We’ll often see multiple writers charged with the creation of a script, where each can add their own signature styles, love for particular characters or simply point out glaring errors.  But it’s not often that we see directors collaborating?

Whilst you might watch a movie for an auteur’s vision – whether it’s Christopher Nolan’s gritty style or Tarantino’s love for violence –  but what if, once in a while, you could take the best bits from two or three directors and jam them together?

Just imagine: Ridley Scott opens the film with great establishing shots and superb use of colours and the environment; then we meet characters who have engaging dialogue and backgrounds written by Quentin Tarantino; just before they burst into a Gareth Evans’ Raid style fight sequence.

Taking a bunch of world class directors and mixing them together can be easily compared to all the football going off at the moment.  Just look at the differences between national and club football.  Whilst the national team in a world cup might be carried by a Ronaldo or a Neymar because of their limited choice in players, club football can bring together the top players in the world to make the perfect team.

But it’s not just about mixing the best, it’s also about helping them cover each others shortfalls.  Picking on Ridley Scott a little, whilst he can make everything he touches visually look like gold, the scripts he works with – in general – could use a little more attention paying to them.  Whilst Tarantino can write brilliant dialogue, sometimes the overall plot and pacing of the film as a whole can be a little lacking.  So surely, having two pairs of eyes watching over the production can be better than just one?

Dipping back into football terminology, filling your team full of Harry Kanes isn’t cheap though.  They don’t come on a two for one deal either.

But with the production budgets of some films going interstellar and some films even dropping their initial director at the last moment to hire another, why not just start with two in the first place.

Of course the other issue you’ll face is a clash of egos.  But is Joe and Anthony Russo can get past their sibling rivalry to create one of the best and most intriguing (in terms of franchises), then why haven’t we, even once, seen an all star team come together?

That said, if a pair of directors could create AVP Requiem, then maybe it isn’t all sunshine and box office records…

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