John Wick Review - WBCC

John Wick

Trying my hardest to avoid Spongebob Squarepants, Cinderella and Furious 7 (I wasn't remotely interested, I've seen the animated version and I haven't seen any of the prior six), I bravely had a look at what else  my local cinema had to offer... the results, not much - but wait, what's this? A Keanu Reeves action thriller …

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Chappie Film Review - WBCC


Neill Blomkamp knocked us out for six back in 2009 with his stunning debut District 9.  An edgy, gritty, nail biting (or not) kind of film, set in Johannesburg about a man's ability to change his opinions and, as it turns out, his body too.  With its tiny budget but impressive special effects, this tragic tale …

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