Justice – A Megarél Tale, Chapter 1

It had been a while since Brother Salvo had walked into a fight with a Brother and Sister of The Watch by his side.  In recent times Megarél had been placid enough to require only one member of its ranks to visit the thieves and troublemakers that would threaten the peace of her streets – until today.

Father Lorenzo had called upon Salvo, along with Brother Leonidas and Sister Gabriel earlier that day.  As always details weren’t needed, their devotion to Marqué, the Goddess of Justice meant that they didn’t need to know the details for She would guide them when the time came.  Walking with Leonidas and Gabriel to his left and right and several of the Citadel Guard already in place on rooftops, corners of streets and wherever else their bows would become effective if called up, they were headed towards the north of the city.

“We’re getting close,” grumbled Leonidas beneath his cloak, “I can feel it”

“You mean that the only people left on the streets are the three poorly disguised battle clerics from The Watch,” retorted Gabriel with a hint of humor in her voice.

As Leonidas grumbled some inaudible response from beneath his hood Salvo had to agree with Gabriel, however he wasn’t troubled by the thought.  Whilst they had indeed decided to don ragged cloaks to hide their armour and blend with the citizens, a cloak had ill effect on the concealment of the four foot long steel hammer that they each had to hand.

Rounding a corner to their left they saw one of the Citadel Guard leaning against the wall with a bow in his hand and deep blue leather armour with the insignia of a phoenix on the chest that all the guard were fitted with.  Notioning a subtle nod for the three clerics towards the building now on their right, the time was upon them to initiate the word of Marqué.

As the three Clerics lined up in front of the main doors to the building, Salvo looked up.  After the gates to Megarél had been closed when the war had spread to their lands, the option to expand the city outwards was lost leaving the architects with only one option for the rising population – up.  This building was no exception to the strategy.  To Salvo the building looked to be five stories high and had roughly four dwellings per level meaning it could house anywhere up to 80 people.  Whilst it had been commonplace for Salvo to visit such places unaccompanied on ‘visits’ before, he assumed that this time there would be a number of sinners spread out across the entire building.

Stepping out in front of Gabriel and Leonidas, Salvo cleared his throat and let the cloak slip from his person.  As his companions did the same, the collared plate armour with their holy symbol embossed onto their chestpieces transformed them into the feared and respected battle clerics that were charged with the defense of the city.

“Citizens of Megarél,” he said in a loud authoritative voice, “My name is Brother Salvo, my companions are Brother Leonidas and Sister Gabriel, we have been sent here by Marqué to invoke justice on those that deserve such treatment.  If you have done nothing wrong then do not fear.  However if you are one such individual we have come here to visit then you can help yourselves by coming peacefully and matters can be resolved in more appropriate conditions.  You have two minutes to stand before us.”

Gabriel took a step forward and quietly whispered in Salvo’s ear “Nice try, but I don’t think that’ll work if all three of us and two dozen of the guard have had to come.”

“You never know Sister Gabriel, the people of this city may surprise you,” he replied in his usual deep voice as an arrow struck the ground next to his foot.  “Then again, I’ve never liked surprises.”

One thought on “Justice – A Megarél Tale, Chapter 1

  1. Really enjoyed reading the first part. You have a done an excellent job of establishing the world and the characters. The language fits in perfectly with the genre of your piece. I particularly enjoyed the slight humour you incorporated as well. I am looking forward to reading the following parts.

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