Justice – A Megarél Tale, Chapter 2

“Damnit!” Krysten cursed as she watched James’ arrow miss the Brother of The Watch by mere inches.  “It’s not difficult, hit the huge, bald guy with the hammer was all I asked!”  As the group of ragtag individuals turned to stare at her she looked back at the people she was now relying on to repel some of the most organized warriors in the whole country.  “Well fire again, they’re not going to go home now!”

As the group nocked their arrows and moved to the window of the fourth floor dwelling she took a step back to assess the situation.  They were scared, and who could blame them, the Brothers and Sisters of the watch had been the people they had been actively avoiding all confrontation with for the last three years, and they’d done a good job up until this point – What had gone wrong?  Constantly moving, holding meetings in secret locations and trusting no one with their secret, maybe it was one of their own that had tipped off the men knocking down their door?

There was James, usually a decent archer and one of the most dedicated in the group.  Kayla was the one who organized the locations and usually had all sorts of escape plans, maybe this was why there wasn’t one for this building?  Astël was a dignified fighter and was generally regarded as hired muscle.  Murgh was the reason they were a group at all, an illegal magic user who decided that if he were to break out of Megarél he’d need more than just fighting prowess.  Talégon was a accomplished thief who obtained materials and generally ran the riskier operations and finally there was herself, the leader of the group who had brought them all here today even though she knew there wasn’t going to be an escape route.

Krysten had to think fast, they were going to be through the door faster then they could be eliminated with arrows, and they probably had Citadel Guard posted everywhere in the near vicinity.

“Murgh” she shouted over the drumming of the clerics trying to bash the reinforced door down.  “Go to the cargo, get it somewhere safe and do what you can to hide it.  Talégon, find us an exit.  Astël and James see if you can’t slow them down and Kayla come with me.”

Taking the essentials from the room, they went their separate paths and spread out through the building known as Greystone Tower.  As Krysten entered the hallway she could see the blinding emptiness of the dwelling.  Whereas before there were children playing and mothers singing there was nothing, just the huge tall building with its hollowed out core.  This building and others like it had been built to act as a stronghold if the city walls fell.  With a garden in the centre of its walls, sunlight could grow crops for all those who might find themselves trapped within it.

“When you suggested this place you mentioned that there were others that might be friendly to our cause?” Krysten directed at Kayla as they hurried round a corner to the lower levels.

“Yes but I only heard that from The Free One” she replied with a panicked xpression on her face.

“Okay, see if you can’t find somewhere to hide, you know the city well, if you think of a good plan find me” Krysten responded as she moved further through down the corridor before turning back swiftly to face Kayla again with a smile on her face, “But don’t take too long about it will ya.”

Appearing on the bottom level Krysten moved to the centre of the floor, lit by the dying light of the midday sun.  “People of Greystone Tower,” she shouted in the calmest voice she could muster as the sound of the splintering wooden door became unbearable.  “My name is Krysten and I know that you believe me and my friends to be evil ready to be judged by Marqué but we’re not.  Just as we’re trapped now inside of your home you are trapped within the walls of Megarél and all we want is to be free.  We are also in possession of precious cargo that cannot be found by The Watch for its consequence will mean destruction.  I cannot tell you what it is encase they hear but if you saw it with your own eyes you would join our cause without a moments hesitation.  I do not ask you to throw down your lives but simply to aid our escape, you of all people must know of a way out of your own home –.“

Interpreted by an ear splitting crash she turned to see the door break off its hinges and be replaced with the silhouettes of the three battle clerics that had come to put an end to them.

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