Act 2 – Rejuvenation, Chapter 15

“Overlord Varek,” Kalistabán continued now speaking in a crude common tongue that the Necrons would understand, bowing slightly as he did so.  “You’ll see I have fulfilled my end of the bargain, the relic is yours to take.”

“V’all?”  Varek responded almost ignoring Kalistabán, his metallic voice grating against the Eldar’s ears.

As Kalistabán turned to admire the look of shock he expected on Theá’s face, he was instead greeted by a wry smile as he started to laugh again.

“Varek!  How pleasant it is to see you again so soon, you must excuse my cousin, he has a habit of missing the larger picture.”

“Pleasant?  I seem to recall being summoned here to take a prize that will save my people – a prize that you would use as a weapon against us.”

“So you’re not quite as thick as your metallic hide, but no, I wouldn’t use it as a weapon against you.  You’ve become far too valuable to me for that.”

As the conversation between the two shot back and forth, the Wyches and Trueborn were stood poised to attack, but not quite knowing what to do, whom to point their weapons towards and generally trying to guess where this was going to lead and whose side they would have to be on to live through it.

“You would dare defy the Udin Dynasty with your petty fleet of pirates!” Varek shouted, taking a step towards the Archon.

“Defy?  I’ve been manipulating you ever since I came across your sad and lonely fleet!”  Theá replied, also moving forwards.  “You would be nothing without me!”

“Well then you’ll be manipulating me no more Eldar!” Varek spoke with a deep anger in his voice as his warscythe flickered into life.  Chuckling in response Theá dew his shimmering blue Djinn blade and resumed a duelling stance as a bolt of plasma passed straight through him and exploded on the far wall.

Turning back to Kalistabán, smoking blaster in his hand, Theá’s current hologram tilted his head slightly, wondering how in the world this miserable excuse for an Eldar was related to him by blood.

“One moment Overlord, I seem to have discovered mutiny in my camp,” Theá spoke turning to Kalistabán and hurling his Djinn blade at the traitor.

Rolling out of the way just in time, Kalistabán managed to get a footing just before Theá had shot across the room to recover his blade, the Trueborn moving away from the conflict and joining the Wyches in watching the duel.  Finally drawing his blade just in time to parry his first swing, Kalistabán was on the back foot, trying to keep his distance from his far superior opponent, his years of sword play only just allowing him to avoid serious harm.

Duelling at a breakneck speed that Varek was failing to watch, never mind move at, he spectated as the traitorous Eldar clashed swords and nimbly darted around the room… hopefully they would kill each other and leave Varek to his prize.

Playing with the lesser skilled Kalistabán, Theá found himself laughing at the terrible lunges and slashes of the Eldar’s humming power sword as he attempted to kill him.  Dodging out of the way and using his Djinn blade to mercilessly cut through Kalistabán’s thin armour and into the skin again and again, Theá was revelling from the pain that he was inflicting – and this was only the beginning of his punishment.

Finally growing bored of his prey Theá disarmed his foe with a quick flick of his wrist and kicked him square in the chest, sending him flying backwards against the far wall.

“Now then,” he spoke, turning back to Varek, “Where were we?”

Instead of meeting eye contact Varek was instead looking past Theá and towards the relic with, what Theá could only assume, was a look of curiosity on his face.

Turning to see what the Necron was looking at, Theá found that Kalistabán had hobbled over to the relic with the intention of removing it from its perch.

“For pitys sake!” Theá responded as he drew his blast pistol and fired, sending Kalistabán flying through the air with an explosion of plasma and landing on the relic, the two disappearing over the other side of the tomb and eradicating the pillar of light beaming into the sky..  “Well now we get to see what-” he continued as he was cut off by a group of towering, six-limbed Tyranids dropping from out of the roof, surrounding the relic as if to protect it.  “What it does…” he finished with a sigh as he changed his fighting stance once again to aim at the new threat at the Wyches formed up behind him.

With a deep roar the pale skinned creatures charged, the Necrons and Eldar alike formed up in their separate groups to fend off the new, hulking advisories.

With a deep red exoskeleton covering the creatures backs and with arms composed of organic blades, claws sharp enough to tear a tank apart and projectile weaponry of various designs, they crashed into the defensive formations of their uninvited guests.

Green lightning flashed from the Necrons blades as they made contact with the beast’s hides whilst the Eldar nimbly danced around the hulking creatures as their agility failed to contend with that of the Eldar’s as they cut them down to size.

As Lileth used one of the creatures as a springboard to get on top of another and drive her knives through the fleshy underside of its head she took a moment to glance at the Trueborn who, in Kalistabán’s absence, had fled back into the winding tunnels of the temple.  She was going to have a lot of fun hunting them down later.

Bringing another beast down with a swing of his Warsycthe, Varek managed to get a view of the relic as a gargantuan snake-like creature dropped in front of it and picked both it and Kalistabán’s unconscious body up, pausing only to look back at Varek and snarl as though in victory.

“Theá!” he called out, gaining the attention of the Archon as he beheaded another of the beast’s reinforcements that had started to drop from various points in the ceiling.  Pointing to the creature with the relic, Theá aimed his blast pistol with uncanny speed and accuracy and fired a quick salvo of shots into the creatures hide before it completely disappeared, slinking back into the roof and barely noticing the great chunks of flesh that had been carved from its skin.

With the relic gone, the numbers of the Tyranids were slowly brought to a halt as the group executed the last of them.  Lileth turned to the female Wyche who she found impaled by the sharp claws of a beast with most of its face missing.  Looking over to the Necrons she saw a number of the Lychguard struggling to repair their damaged bodies just as they disappeared in a flash of green, back to the Am’otep for full repairs.

It was then that she made an interesting comparison between the two races.  Whilst the Necrons would repair themselves, the Whyche would be taken back to the haemonculi covens to have her broken body regrown, both of them ready to fight again another day and live as immortals in this galaxy of gods and men and war.

Forgetting their conflict now that the prize had gone and their anger spent on the Tyranid corpses, the two leaders stepped into the daylight emerging from the ceiling.  They could see that the Hive, now full of activity and life was still being peppered by the taunting Eldar Fleet’s lances of darklight.  The Am’otep had also moved into orbit, transformed from a perfectly smooth sphere into a battleship launching salvos of green lightning across the sky into the incoming Tyranid vessels.

“Looks like we’re going to have to go up their if we want to finish our argument Varek,” Theá spoke, breaking the silence just as a rift in the warp opened and the Hive fleet floated inside, the rift closing behind it, leaving the Necron and Eldar fleets to polish of the last of the stragglers.  “Well maybe a bit further then…”

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