Act 2 – Rejuvenation, Chapter 14

Sprinting down the corridors after the Trueborn, Lileth and her Wyches came across the scores of broken and largely disintegrated corpses of of Humans and Eldar alike that Kalistabán had ordered to be maimed and destroyed; ensuring that they were never going to get back up and block their escape.

Up ahead, she could hear the sounds of battle as the corpses had started to reanimate before the Trueborn could deal with them.

Her blood was pumping through her veins faster now as she flicked a switch on her arm, releasing drugs into her system to heighten her performance.  Rounding a corner she saw the Trueborn creating a firing line to gun down the increasing numbers of the dead.  Without a second thought she summersaulted over the line and used one of the Trueborn to launch herself into the mess of bodies ahead.

As she cut down the first one with her knives the drugs kicked in, slowing the world down around her and allowing her to graciously dance through the undead and cut them apart, making sure to keep herself deep in their ranks so as to avoid any friendly fire.

Her two Wyches were following her lead and the trio lead a spearhead through the many winding corridors and large halls, cutting apart Human and Eldar bodies alike with their nimble but deadly assortment of blades.

Working together, Lileth lead with her daggers alongside the female Whych who had brought a pair of hydra gauntlets – gloves covered in venomous blades that allowed her to tear through flesh with ease, whilst the male Wyche used the reach of spear he had brought to stand behind them and kill anything they missed with a quick lung of his blade.

Lileth could feel a jolt of energy with each throat she slit, with each body she slayed, as whatever life-force that willed them on, left their hollow shells.  With each life she ended she felt her body being rejuvenated, becoming stronger and her ability and lust to fight only grow.

As the bodies of the dead started to run thin Lileth found herself at the entrance of a large chamber – The relic at the far side behind an Eldar Farseer.  The trio entered the room and cautiously surrounded the Farseer on all sides – he seemed to be stood, waiting for something.

Just before Lileth launched herself into combat, a volley of blaster projectiles filled the air and exploded onto the Farseer, concealing him in a cloud of debris.  As the dust settled, the aura of the Farseer’s rune armour could be seen – It had deflected each blaster shot that could flatten a tank, leaving him completely unscathed.

Taking her opportunity before they could launch another meaningless volley, Lileth dived into the fray.  As she locked her knives with the Farseer’s witch blade, the female Wyche somersaulted over the Farseer and removed his helmet as she did so, revealing a ghostly face behind it – a blue energy glowing from the Eldar’s dead eyes.  No sooner had Lileth managed to note the face she was looking at, the male Wyche’s spear impaled itself through the back of the head, smattering Lileth in Eldar blood, her muscles contorting slightly at the invigoration of it.

Turning to the doorway to see Kalistabán’s Trueborn staring at the Wyches, the Farseer’s body crumpled to the ground, leaving the room clear.

“Make a perimeter around the relic,” Kalistabán ordered with a wry smile on his face, “Our transport should be here shortly.”  The Trueborn responded and headed towards Lileth and the relic.

Turning back to look at the relic, Lileth took a step towards it before pausing.  Her combat drugs were still working their way around her system and after the climax of battle she was acutely aware of everything in the room around her.  What she was most interested in was that Kalistabán and a group of the Trueborns hadn’t moved and were instead aiming their guns at the rest of the Commorrites in the room.

The world still moving slowly around her, Lileth managed to shout a warning before somersaulting in the air, over the incoming blaster round that had been fired at her.  Hurling a knife at the assassin before hitting the ground, the blade caught him between the eyes, killing the Trueborn where he stood.

Looking to the rest of the room she could see that Kalistabán had twleve…well nine men now on his side whilst Lileth and her Wyches were the only ones to have avoided the first wave – except from the odd Trueborn, the one Lileth had suspected to be V’all’s other agent.  He appeared to be stood quite still, as the monomolecular net from a shredder had past straight through him and instead wreaked havoc on the wall behind him.

Raising a blast pistol faster than the Trueborn could pull the trigger again, the agent had quickly decapitated his foe and aimed his pistol at Kalistabán before even Lileth could move from the spot…Then he started to laugh.

“Well, well, well.  I seems like I was right not to trust you cousin,” the agent said as his thinly armoured form seemed to disappear as a figure slightly to his left faded into view, wearing the heavier set armour of an Archon – Archon Theá V’all’s armour to be specific.

“Why so surprised?  You didn’t think that I would leave you in charge of something of such beauty,” Theá continued, turning on the spot to look at the relic, his back only shown to the traitors as he knew that they were fully aware they couldn’t beat him in a fight.  Besides, he might be merciful if they turned on Kalistabán.

“Oh I think you’re arrogance and ego has made you cocky cousin,” Kalistabán replied, “You didn’t think that I would casually dismiss your inherent distrust in me, rightfully as you were to do so.”

“Why do you think I brought the charming Lileth along with me?” Theá replied, as he glanced over at the Wyches, their teeth bared and waiting to be released and hunt for Eldar blood.

“I think you’re going to need more than three drug fuelled Wyches,” Kalistabán spoke, stepping forward from his firing line, “when you meet my new friends.”

As if on cue, a green bolt of lightning shot into the room causing Lileth to cover her eyes momentarily.  By the time she uncovered them, Necron Overlord Varek and a small group of Lychguard had materialised in the room.

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