Act 3 – Rise, Chapter 17

Many generations ago by mortal standards, Farseer Aramën had been a well-respected and powerful Farseer for Craftworld Alaitoc.  She had been on the Seer Council and her gifts of forsight were well embraced by her kin – until she decided that the choices of who to save and who to leave to die weren’t questions at all, but an obligation for their race; how were they ever going to care for this galaxy if they didn’t value each and every life in it.

Of course the Council had seen this as a death mission, rescuing every call for aid, every plea of salvation and every cry from dying innocents would lose precious Eldar lives – lives that were unlikely to be replaced anytime soon as Eldar sparsely mated, let alone reproduced.

Secretly leading a mission against the council’s will, Aramën had gathered those loyal to her cause and aided a Tau populated city in their defence against a siege of Daemons.  The minions of The Warp had obtained a foothold in the mortal world from their hellish realm and were slaughtering the unprepared Tau inhabitants.

Bursting from the sky in Falcons and Wave Serpents like a burst of sunlight in a dark and thunderous hurricane, the Eldar, guided by Aramën’s foresight, meticulously chose their targets and before long, allowed the Tau to rally against their hellish invaders.

With the relapse allowing the Tau to set-up a strong defense the Tau were finally able to bring their powerful and advanced weapons to bear.  Allied with the nimble and lightning fast raids that the small Eldar host provided, the tables quickly turned against the Daemons as they were slowly but surely, driven back into the warp.

A final push came from the Daemon Prince Za’el, infiltrating deep within the ranks of the Tau defenders with a small but elite clan of Slaanesh Daemonettes.  Like sirens they had found a weakness in the Tau’s temptation, their bodies appearing perfect and beautiful until it was too late and the outer perimeter was betrayed by their own lust and desires.  Both fearing and hating Slaanesh for her part in The Fall of the Eldar and her never ending thirst for their souls, the Eldar quickly moved to intercept, finding courtyards full of dead Tau – each with a haunted look of shock and fear on their cold faces.

Finally confronting the Daemonettes, the Eldar engaged in a long and bloody close quarters combat with the naked bodied creatures, their hands more akin to claws and their pale purple skin appearing to the Eldar as both something out of their dreams and their nightmares.

As Aramën duelled with Za’el using every manipulation of reality and every moment of her training with her singing spear to keep the Daemon Prince at bay, the Eldar were slowly but surely starting to diminish – just as the Tau Commander Kor’Ui appeared with a troupe of Battlesuits in tow.  Their extra firepower, numbers and armour tipped the balance for the Eldar, allowing them to banish the Daemonettes and Aramën to plunge her spear into the Daemon Prince’s black heart.

With their leader gone the numbers of the Daemons were slowly eradicated and the Tau’s planet was purged clean.  Kor’Ui pronounced Aramën and her forces saviors of the city and forever an ally who could rely on the support from his followers.

Returning to Alaitoc with relatively few losses in comparison to the thousands of Tau who had lost their lives, Aramën was banished from the council as a punishment for disobeying their will and causing the inconceivable loss of Eldar lives.  Vowing not to stop, she announced that she would leave Alaitoc and live as an exile, aiding in the defense against evil and chaos whenever and wherever she could.  A host of likeminded Eldar followed suit and left their homes to be a part of her cause.

For many passes, Aramën and her Eldar appeared in the nick of time to rescue those who thought their lives to be over and saved thousands, if not millions of lives.  This included a host of Eldar from Saim Hann who went on to join her cause as a form of life debt to her, until they received a call of aid from the Planet Jorn – Alaitoc was calling them home.

Another banished Farseer, Taldier, had tried to create a device that would protect Eldar from all but the most fatal of wounds, a mantra that the council had disapproved of.  Whilst Eldar lives were precious, the manipulation of life and death had been a part of The Fall of the Eldar, a mistake that wouldn’t be made twice.

Hiding his creation on Jorn, he had bribed his Commorite cousins to keep snooping races at bay – a plan which had worked until a warhost of Humans arrived to investigate why their brothers on the planet had not responded to any communication.

With the Dark Eldar creating diversions and distractions to slow the advance of the Humans, it was only a matter of time before they reached Taldier and his creation which, in the hands of the Imperium, would only cause catastrophic destruction across the galaxy.

Reaching out to Alaitoc, against their wishes they had no choice but to defend the device, despite the heavy losses that this would bring; moving the device would only postpone the inevitable and destroying a device that could repair itself would be a waste of valuable time and resources.

With the skirmishes turning into full scale war between the two factions, the Eldar found themselves outnumbered and outgunned as their larger weapons wouldn’t arrive in time to aid.

Arriving as the temple the device was housed in was under siege, Aramën had taken a detour.  Bringing with her a small but living piece of Tyranid tissue, she paired it with the device causing the tissue to quickly expand and evolve, before long the device was reproducing scores of Tyranids.

The Eldar quickly left the planet and its invaders to fight the new and seemingly endless Tyranid menace, a decision that no one liked but was the best solution under the circumstances.

Taldier was left behind with his now contaminated device so that he would see the consequences of his actions first hand.

The rest of the Eldar continued to observe the battle and once the tide had turned against the Imperial forces, the Eldar returned home.

The Seer Council, now indebted to Aramën and her quick thinking, re-considered their punishment for Aramën.  Although Alaitoc wouldn’t aid her every crusade, they allowed her and her followers to return home whenever they needed more supplies or simply to rest from their endless fighting.  Aramën was also gifted a ship of her own, the Xamath, allowing her to expand her fleet past the small array of frigates that she had accumulated before leaving.

So impressed with her work, Autarch Hama left Alaitoc to join her cause, his own group of followers joining him as he did so, providing Aramën with a military tactician that she needed to make her assaults more effective and with fewer losses.

Aramën then left Alaitoc and continued her work until she foresaw an Orc warhost invading the planet Fifé and swiftly moved her forces to intervene.

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