Act 3 – Rise, Chapter 18

The only issue with the gift of foresight, was that it was very hard to get those who didn’t understand its concept to believe you, Aramën thought to herself as Governor William Thorpe once again, started arguing very loudly that he couldn’t trust an alien, especially an Eldar.

As much as she wanted to save the inhabitants of Fifé, her patience was starting to wear thin, something that having lived for centuries she had grown very unaccustomed to.

“Look,” she interrupted by standing up, her tall slender figure imposing on the short rotund mayor, “these are your people and I respect that you may not trust me.  My race is one where we will bend truths to serve ourselves and the galaxy as a whole but as much as you don’t want to believe me or leave your homes I speak the truth.  I will leave you to consider my proposal and if you start your evacuations, we will aid you in them.”

Turning to leave she looked back at the room of speechless politicians, half staring at her with fear in their eyes and the other half with a fire of anger.  “Good bye Governor, I hope you choose wisely.”

As she left the room Aramën collected the blue armoured Dire Avengers that had accompanied her into the city – their white crested helms scanning the corridors with black shuriken catapults only a split second away from repelling any attempt of assassination.

Walking through the building’s corridors she encountered tens of Humans, diving into rooms to keep out of the groups way, individuals who would appear as though to stand in their way until a Dire Avenger looked at them through the piercing red lenses in their helms and some who seemed to be making gestures as to thank them.

If nothing, Aramën admired the individuality that Humans could show.

As the Eldar reached the final lobby and could see the glass door leading to the sunlight outside, a human dressed in formal cloth-like clothing stepped out of the crowds of gawping onlookers and towards their unorthodox guests.  Stopping to raise their rifles at the approaching human, Aramën quickly waved a hand in the air to lower them as a look of fear quickly spread over the civilian’s face.

“Yes?” she asked, turning to the Human.

“I…Are…Is what they’re saying true?”

“And what is it that they are saying?”

“That…” he stopped to look at the piercing red lenses of the Dire Avengers, ready and able to dispatch most of the people in the room before they could even react if encouraged to do so.  “That Tyranids are going to try and invade the planet?”

“No… There will be no need for them to try,” the Human’s face dropped as Aramën heard various gasps and speculative comments from around the room.  “Pray your leaders are sensible enough to listen to help when it is freely given.”

She turned back to the door and left the foyer to the debates and arguments that ensued.

Finally meeting up with the Wave Serpent that she had flown in on, parked just outside the city, the group were swiftly flown back to the Xamath which was positioned just outside the range of the city’s defensive guns.

“I assume they refused?” Hama asked as Aramën stepped of the Wave Serpent’s loading ramp.

“You assume correctly.”

“Some people just don’t want to be saved, or even acknowledge that they need help, especially humans.  Their pride will be their downfall.”

“Their pride is the only this that had aided in their survival thus far… well that and their seemingly unlimited supply of soldiers.”

“What did they know of the Orcs?”

“They knew that they were here, then their long range sensors picked up a huge host accumulating in this field which was quickly followed by a massive assortment of explosions then the orcs were gone.  They assume they blew themselves up.”

“I suppose there’s an air of sense in that logic.”

The pair had now reached the Xamath’s bridge, its pilot looking to their leader for guidance on what their next move was to be.

“So what’s next?” Hama asked.

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