Impossible Stunt Force

So despite being on holiday this week, nothing was going to stop me making my (incorrect terminology I know) Bi-Weekly Cinema Club, and if you’re going to watch a film somewhere exotic, why not watch a film set somewhere exotic… plus everyone else had already seen Inside Out.

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation is the fifth movie in the franchise watching Tom Cruise, yet again, do some stunts that are absolutely ridiculous (and by do, he was actually strapped onto the outside of the plane whilst (according to Empire) having to do eight takes with a round trip of 45 minutes on each… damn that’s some dedication to your job!)

I find it interesting that recently a whole bunch of films have chosen to start removing the green screen, take the CGI back to the most minimal level it has to be and really get on with the action, stunts, scenery etc.  And the best and worst part is that people don’t realise and assume it’s all CGI.

Mad Max Fury Road, Interstellar and even Star Wars: The Force Awakens are all films that have decided that (at least to some degree) they’re going to keep CGI to a minimum and give us real… but why does this feel different to having CGI that looks real too?  Maybe subconsciously we know and we can relate to them better, maybe we do’t know at all or maybe it’s simply that because it’s not CGI, a 3D artist can’t push it past reality.

Last year Need For Speed was released and despite finding itself critically divided, its USP was that it was 100% real, no CGI whatsoever and if nothing, that must have been so much fun to work on.

And I think that’s the key.  Acting when your counterpart is actually there rather than a tennis ball on a stick not only makes the actors job easier, but that translates to the finished product.  Being able to see the actors actually reacting to explosions, outrageous heights, car crashes and hideous aliens.

Anyway, back to MI:5, what does this mean in the film as a whole.  Well after the thrills, spills and bish-bash-boshes of the action side of the film (which was superb), the plot was pretty tight knit, the MI musical queues were present and as a whole, it was really, really enjoyable.

Issues; a female character that without giving spoilers away, was a little underwhelming and a terrible case of Flash Gordoning (I’m no expert, but even super spies have to sustain some sort of physical injuries right?) but I suppose that makes it a little more family friendly, almost too much so?

But as a whole,  yeah the franchise of many directors makes another hit, Christopher McQuarrie does a very good job at making this particular outing enjoyable and unique and if you enjoyed the previous outings, you’ll enjoy this one too.

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