Who rates the BBFC

Quick roundup of what I’ve not had time to write about:  Pixar’s still got it, 5 star reviews of potential Oscar winners does not mean a good film, GeekDamon+Mars=Awesome, the world was/still is horrifically sexist and unequal and actually getting into see the film you want at the showing you chose before setting off is becoming rarer than a Bengal Tiger.  (If you want to guess the films I’ve seen for a once in a lifetime opportunity to eat lunch with me [seriously, I get lonely at lunchtime], then answers in the comments below!)

My beef this week, Spectre.  Not as an awesome film, not looking at its espionage based plot, amazing (and damned real) action sequences or characters bursting with character and charm and gadgets… but its rating.  For the record, Skyfall was better…

The first thing I’ll say is that even though it says 12A, you SHOULD NOT take young kids to go see it.  You thought that beheaded dwarf scene in The Hobbit: Go watch LOTR again Part 1 was bad, then prepare for a whole bunch of Halloween inspired horror.

There’s a move taken straight from Game of Thrones (a hardcore 18) in there, surgery only Dr Zed should be performing and some other not so bad stuff like cold-blooded murder in there to boot!  I know that James Bond’s audience is supposed to be broad, but ever since it tried to go all Bourne, I feel someone needs to re-evaluate the 007 rating stamp.

So there’s no blood or gratuitous gore (or sex), but I don’t think that 12A is good enough.  It’s too broad a stamp and used far too often, I mean in terms of getting into the cinema, it’s exactly the same as a PG, but with a bit more advisory warning which (unless you’re an avid reader of BBFC monthly), you’ll have no idea about until you’re in there and watching it.

Solution, change the definition of 12A to something along the lines of, “You must be over 12 to see this film unless you are older than X and are accompanied by someone over 18 who has read the reasons why the film has been deemed a 12A.  I know it won’t happen and the world is turning into a place where younger and younger kids are being exposed to stuff earlier in their lives (thanks to the Internet) and so it’s probably nothing they haven’t already seen but they could at least try to be sensible.

Spectre, definitely needed a 12, or Sam Mendes needs to stop taking action notes from Game of Thrones.  In either way, great movie, just please don’t take your kids until you know what they’re in for.


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