Act 3 – Rise, Chapter 20

“Autarch, the Humans are attempting to contact us.”

“Let them speak,” Hama replied, striding into the centre of the Xamath’s command bridge as a short rotund Human appeared on the holo-screen.

“This is Governor William Thorpe, requesting an audience with Farseer Aramën.”

Adjusting his jaw to speak in the primitive Human language, Hama replied, “Farseer Aramën is currently indisposed, this is Autarch Hama, commander of the Xamath.  What can I do for you Governor?”

“If it is not too late, we would like to take you up on your offer of aid, Hama,” he said, poorly attempting to replicate the pronunciation of the Eldar’s name.  “Whilst I would like to say this decision was made before evidence proved your theory true, I’m afraid I cannot.  The arrival of the Tyranid Hive has forced our hand.”

Hama subdued a look of confusion, looking to one of the operators at the helm, he was met with a shake of the head, as though they had both been thinking the same thing.

“Governor, if our offer had expired then we would no longer be on the planet, we shall send evacuation craft as soon as we can – unless you had any grand thoughts of trying to repel the beasts?”

“I know my men, and I know that they are amongst the finest in the galaxy… but I doubt a whole Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes could repel such a force.”

“Your logic is sound Governor, prepare your citizens for evacuation.”

“You have my eternal gratitude.”

Bowing to the Governor before the feed was cut, Hama turned to one of the Xamath’s operators, “Alright then, time to send help.”

“Transports are already prepped and ready to launch Autarch.”

“Excellent, where is Aramën?”

The Eldar ran his fingers across the Xamath’s interface, connecting his mind to the ship.  Unlike a Human made craft, with buttons and levers to control it, Eldar craft, along with most of their items, were grown from a substance called Wraithbone, a material that, in the case of an entire craft, would have a sense of basic consciousness.  This consciousness could be communicated to by its pilots by using their physic abilities; effectively controlling the crafts with their minds.

“She appears to be on the roof.”


Stepping out into the warm sunlight, Hama’s feet were met by the crunch of charred grass under his boots.  Activating the Swooping Hawk jetpack on his back, he jumped into the air and was gracefully lifted into the sky by the fluttering of the teal blue and white wings on his back.

Enjoying the feel of the wind on his face, Hama circled round the Xamath before heading up to the top.  From here he could see the array of Wave Serpents and Falcon anti-gravity tanks gracefully skimming out of the hanger and towards the city.  Swooping round to the aft of the huge midnight blue hull, he could see his brothers and sisters setting up defences across the fields.  Scores of Guardians and Aspect Warriors were in their final stages of preparation before the invasion, their aim would be to buy time for the city’s citizens to escape if necessary, but they should be long gone before then if all went to plan leaving these defences as a show for the humans to see how serious the threat was.

On a breeze of warm air, Hama was lifted onto the ship’s roof where he could see Aramën’s cloaked figure sat cross-legged in the centre.

Moving closer he could see her face was set in a calm expression of concentration.  “You realise this isn’t going to remove the notion of Eldar lying just to get what they want?”

Met by silence, Hama decided to take a seat next to the Farseer, “Well hopefully they’ll never know, and it will have bought us some more precious time.” she replied eventually.  Opening her eyes and looking up, she was greeted by a clear blue sky with an illusion of the Tyranid Hive on the horizon.

Before Hama could admire the Farseer’s work in creating an illusion of the Hive, casting a dark shadow over the city, a tear in space appeared and the real Tyranid biomass was spat from the warp, replacing the one that Aramën has conjured to speed up the Governor’s decision.

“They’re early…”

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