The issue with the “Hype Train”

So Star Wars is coming out in less than a week.  If this is new information to you, which rock have you been under the past three years…and is there space for a small one?)

Now I love Star Wars, like LOVE Star Wars…but, and there is a but, is it doing the film industry any good?

On one hand you’ve now got this massively fierce competition between studios as they pit their heavyweights against each other.  Just look at Captain America: Civil War bullying Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice into releasing 2015’s most spoilerific trailer (yes, beating Terminator Genisys) after they released their first tease.  I’m not a big DC nut, well not yet anyway, but even without understanding the context of said spoiler, it really didn’t need to be included.

Maybe they were planning on releasing their trailer anyway and it was a coincidence that Civil War threw down a gauntlet, don’t suppose we’ll ever know.

With a world of Marvel, DC and Star Wars with a whole assortment of cinema filling franchises like The Hunger Games, James Bond etc. they really do need to raise their game to beat their competitors, which thus far, I think most have been doing but, in this rush to be the biggest and the best, what happens to the little guys.

Which brings me to the other hand, which is that the film industry is dividing.  To be succesful, either you’re a huge film, filling cinemas everywhere, or you’re a smaller film, collecting Oscars and making a decent profit.  Of course there are a whole bunch of films that do neither of these things and are still successful financially and critically, but they are usually filling in the empty parts of the year so as to avoid the Jurassic Worlds and Terminators.

At the moment there’s a heap of films out or coming out that look awesome; Victor Frankenstein, In The Heart Of The Sea, The Revenant and Bridge of Spies but they’re all just sat under the shadow of Star Wars.  I’m even likely to miss The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 for all the great films out and I’m really trying to see them all, never mind your passive cinema goers.

Yes I know Star Wars is a big thing but this isn’t a one off event either, there are already five confirmed movies spanning the next five years.  Whilst my inner nerd is crying out in joy, I know the number of films out around Christmas is going to take a dive and I give serious kudos to all the ones that have released meaning, if anything, there are too many out this Christmas fighting for my attention.

I suppose what I’m trying to say is that we, are getting caught up in these “Hype Trains” too easy, and in doing so, we’re missing out on so much other stuff, our film palettes are going to be very full of the one thing when there’s a whole other buffet table just on the other side of the room.

Oh who am I kidding, WOO STAR WARS!!!!

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