Childhood Movies Ruined?

So this week I went with my Mum to go watch Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (the amount of people saying they’ve seen Jumanji – as in the original one – at the cinema on Facebook is weirdly infuriating…) and you know what, it was a lot of fun!

Now I can see why people might not like it: because they’re not a fan of the humour used or because it’s essentially a glorified (successfully glorified mind) B movie.  But the thought of people not liking it because it’s based on its 1995 predecessor and thus spoiling their childhood, is utterly ridiculous.

Now it seems that it has been the season to ruin childhoods.  What with Star Wars: The Last Jedi getting a fair amount of stick from a group of fans who have even started a petition to get it erased from the cannon… I know right?!?!  But I’ve said enough about that so back to the jungle!

I honestly get that sometimes you don’t want things from the past digging up, whether they’re making a sequel or a reboot, it can just irritate.  Look at me, I’ve only just recently been complaining about the Lord of the Rings TV adaptation.  But like I said back then, digging the right things up is sometimes a good idea, something that wasn’t perfect, or even particularly great, but something that people remember as being okay.  And that’s what Jumanji was.

I watched the original a couple days before seeing the sequel (granted, a very detached sequel) and it’s not nearly as good as I remember.  There’s nothing wrong with it, but it’s not as funny as I recall – despite Robin Williams’ presence – and the mix of practical and visual effects don’t hold up well over time either.  The weirdest part is how dark some of the plot points are for a kids film?  So to have a great sequel made 23 years later on seems perfectly acceptable to me.

As I mentioned before, there might be people who don’t like it for various reasons and will jump into the “My childhood has been ruined” bandwagon… shush your face!

Do all of the Alien movies after Aliens ruin the original two?  Does The Godfather Part III take anything away from its predecessors?  Of course not.  I haven’t heard many good things about the latest Halo games but I still love the originals that I grew up with, flaws and all.

It’s worth remembering that we each come away from films with different opinions, we all like a differing variation of genres, styles and writing, and we’ll have each experienced the same films in different ways.  Some people might like a certain film because it was a family tradition, whilst others like them because when they were a kid, double ended lightsabers were AWESOME!

So hold onto the films you like, they’re yours, nothing can ruin that for you.  Just remember to not ruin them for others.  Smouldering look intensifies.

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