Act 2 – Rejuvenation, Chapter 13

Lilith gracefully slipped out of the webway portal and stepped onto the planet Jorn alongside Kalistabán and a score of Trueborn – armed to the teeth with blasters, shredders and splinter cannons.

Looking over the horizon she could see the Tyranid hive floating above the planet as had been described to her, with a beam of energy appearing to be anchoring it to the planet and set in the heart of the great temple.

Turning to face Kalistabán, two more Wyches that Lilieth had brought along, one male and one female stepped into view.

“You know the drill,” Kalistabán said over sound of the soft breeze parting the leaves in the flourishing trees around them, “quick and quiet.  The less time we spend here the less likely we’re going to be eaten alive.”  Turning back to the temple Lilieth noticed a smile on Kalistabán’s face as he started to head down the hill.

Keeping close to the group, Lileth and her Wyches stuck together.  They had fought great beasts before, both in ceremonial games and during hunting trips.  Knowing each other’s strengths and weaknesses allowed them to work as one in perfect harmony – something that was unlikely to be found in the case of the Trueborn.

As most Commorrites are grown rather than born, those that are find themselves in good favour from the very beginning.  Trueborn are given access to their Kabal’s best and most exotic weapons – but just because they had good equipment, didn’t mean they knew how to use it properly.  Whilst Lilith had been a Trueborn many years ago, she had joined the Scarred Thornes after a long and rather bloody ordeal – leaving all traces of her heritage behind and had learnt never to trust a Trueborn.

And yet, one of their number seemed odd?

Lileth couldn’t quite put her finger on it but he seemed to be keeping to the edge of the group, as if trying to stay near Lileth and her Wyches.  His footsteps didn’t seem right either, in the way that Lileth couldn’t hear them.  Commorrites were raised to be quiet and lurk in the shadows, waiting for any possible moment to gain a foothold higher in the hierarchical food chain.  What made it more suspicious was that Lileth’s hearing was so acute that she could even here faint animalistic calls from the Hive orbiting the planet.

Assuming the Trueborn to be of some importance and probably another agent sent by Theá V’all to keep tabs on Kalistabán as she had been, she decided to keep a wary eye on him.


Night had fallen by the time they had reached the edge of the forest, the spires of the towers glinting in the light from the relic’s energy, ominously beaming into the Hive.  It was here they were to wait for their signal before moving into the tower.

Under the cover of the vegetation the planet was comfortably warm to Lileth’s exposed skin in comparison to the cool corridors of the Bionnearan; she could only imagine that the Trueborn carrying heavy weapons were roasting in their armour, thin as it may have been.

One of the Trueborn, who had been carrying a long range communicator with them, heaved it off his back and placed it on the luscious green grass.  Taking no time in setting the device up, it wasn’t long before Kalistabán was called over to send the all clear.

“My Archon, we are in position and await your signal,” he whispered into the device, trying to make as little noise as possible so as not to disturb the eerie silence that Jorn held.

Rather than hearing a reply over the communication device, Lileth’s attentions were brought to the imposing Hive looming above them as a lance of energy crashed into the side of the biological moon, swiftly followed by thousands of others fired by the fleet of Commorite ships that had quietly slipped out the webway.

The Kabal of The Blooded Rose were going to make one hell of a distraction.

Hearing an almost inaudible scream from all around them Kalistabán wasted no time in darting into the closest spire, his men following – they only had so much time until the Tyranids realised their ploy.

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